The Sultanate of Oman is a great destination for families and friends alike and if culture and adventure are what you wish to experience on your next vacation, you should definitely plan a trip to Oman. Here's a great collection of blogs on what to do in Oman, as well as some ideas about how to make the most of your Oman visit. Find the Oman travel articles and blogs right here at the Zahara Tours Blog and make your vacation to Oman a memorable one armed with insider tips and travel ideas.

Why Oman Should be the Next Destination on Your Travel List

Ambika Verma| Fri, 04 Mar 2022

When it comes to figuring out where to plan your vacation, it is easier said than done. You would probably end up going over hundreds of options, debating types of holidays; beach, adventure, heritage of leisure; checking with friends and family for ideas or recent experiences; looking at those insta-stories doing the rounds; checking out your favorite blogs, and magazines for inspiration and we're here to show you why Oman should be your next vacation destination for this year. The country is generally not the first that pops into the mind when looking at options for where to go on a vacation and that is not for lack of attractions; Known for its stunningly diverse landscapes that vary from wide swathes of golden sand dunes and lush Wadis(valleys) to rocky mountains and blue seas, Oman has it all. In fact, we would go on to say that the very fact that the hordes of tourists have not yet chosen to descend on this hidden gem in the Middle East is one more reason that you should be headed there right now. In Oman, you can explore stunning mosques, implacable forts, golden beaches, bustling souqs, modern cities and a vast unexplored wilderness that will leave you breathless. Come experience the delicious dishes, surrounded by warm hospitality and ancient traditions that have endured till today making a visit to Oman a holiday that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Why a Visit to the Wahiba Sands is a Must on Your Oman Trip

Zahara Tours Team| Mon, 11 Feb 2019

Often consider the absolute epitome of Arabia, whose rolling sand dunes have featured in many a film, now called the Sharqiya Sands is a stretch desert region spread across 12,500 square kilometers in Oman.

The 5 Must Visit Places in Oman

Zahara Tours Team| Thu, 12 Jul 2018

While many tend to expect sand and deserts when thinking of Oman, this gorgeous country situated right on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula is much more than just sand dunes. A diverse destination offering culture, excitement, natural richness and incredible landscapes, Oman gives travellers a huge range of terrains and activities to explore.



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