Oman and Zahara Tours has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to sexual exploitation and abuse and does not allow any partner, supplier, sub-contractor, agent or any individual related with Zahara Tours to engage in any form of sexual abuse or exploitation.
Our approach to preventing the abuse and exploitation of adults and kids:
Zahara Tours is committed to preventing the sexual exploitation and abuse of adults or children, through the following means:

Awareness: Ensuring that all staff, representatives and third parties connected to Zahara Tours are aware of the high standards of behavior and conduct expected of them to protect adults or children from any form of sexual abuse and exploitation in their private and working lives.

Prevention: Ensuring, through awareness and good practice, that staff and those who work with Zahara Tours minimize the risks of any form of sexual exploitation and abuse, including but by no means limited to conducting relevant vetting and background checks of staff as part of their recruitment process.

Reporting: Ensuring that all staff and those who work with Zahara Tours are clear on what steps to take where suspicions or concerns arise regarding allegations of sexual exploitation or abuse of adults or children in vulnerable populations where we work. All staff or any affected individual can directly inform such instances, if any, to the head of HR for taking the necessary corrective action.

Responding: We do ensure that such issues are responded immediately. Matter will be discussed with senior management and immediate action will be taken to stop such abuses and protect the well being and safety of all our staff.

Any activities that results in damaging the reputation, safety and well-being of staff, females and child in particular is strictly prohibited  in our organization. Reporting of such instances, if any, would lead to immediately subjecting the concerned person for legal proceedings and punitive action from the authorities concerned in the Sultanate of Oman.

These guidelines apply to all persons working for us or on our behalf in any capacity, including employees at all levels, agents, volunteers, interns, external consultants, third-party representatives, suppliers and business partners. It applies during or outside of working hours, every day of the year.

In addition, we are committed to ensuring our approach is consistent with our national and international disclosure obligations, and shall comply with all applicable Omani laws, statutes, regulations and codes from time to time in force.