With the robust customer service practices being followed in the company, we at Zahara do not experience many unhappy customers. However, we do get feedback and customer grievances / complaints once a while. We take all such feedback and complaints on a positive note and as an opportunity to further improve our services to our esteemed guests.

Complaint Handling Process:

If any customer is dissatisfied with any of the service provided by us, they should, in the first instance, consider speaking directly with the staff member/s who was dealing with them. Our staff who handled a customer knows the details and will be able to immediately resolve the issue. If the customer has not received a proper and satisfactory response from our staff, they have the following options to escalate the complaint:

•    Meet or speak over phone to any of our customer service agent (Tel +968 92833038 (available 24x7).
•    They can write to us on inbound@zaharatours.com or staff concerned
•    If no satisfactory response is received from all the above steps, they can meet or email directly to the Manager – Tours: arun@zaharatours.com


•    We acknowledge the receipt of the complaint immediately upon receiving the email. Once a complaint has been received, we investigate the complaint in detail, through our internal resources [particularly the file handler who delt with this specific customer].
•    We are committed to resolve the customer complaint within 10 business days of lodging the complaint. In case of any delay, we will inform the customer, the reason for the delay and specify a date within which we will be able to resolve it once for all.
•    Once we complete the necessary scruitiny and investigation from our end, we will advise the customer, our findings and the action that we are going to take.
•    We communicate the above in writing unless the customer advise us to update him/her verbally. All our customers have the right to follow up on the complaint lodged by them.