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Swim with Whale Sharks in Oman

Ambika Verma| Mon, 22 Aug 2022

Daymaniyat Island, opened to the public less than a decade ago, is only now gaining prominence as one of the best diving sites in the Middle East as is popular destination to explore coral reefs and spot marine life chief amongst which is the whale sharks. These magnificent creatures congregate in large numbers along Muscat’s coastline every summer along with their pups as they migrate southwards to the warmer waters of the southern hemisphere. As the summer recedes from September onwards and cooler weathers start to set in, Oman becomes a hotspot for snorkelers and divers looking to spot the gigantic whale sharks. During this period, there is a very good chance of an encountering them, and while the idea of swimming with so called ‘sharks’ may not seem appealing, whale sharks are very different from that part of their namesakes— Even though they are one of the largest creatures in the ocean growing to be 40 feet long and weighing up to 20 tons, they are filter feeders who eat planktons, krills and small fish. Even knowing all the facts, nothing can prepare you for actually seeing one in person as the graceful giants swim past you, unbothered by your presence and occasionally coming to investigate curious humans before continuing on their journey. The docile and harmless creatures have beautiful coloration and patterns which reflect dazzling patterns off the sunlight underwater. You can also head out on a yacht and if you’re lucky you may be able to witness a whale shark breaching over the water, where it leaps out leaving behind an awestruck audience in the boats waiting around. Breaching is the term used for when these massive beasts jump out of the water with a substantial part, at least forty percent, of their body outside the water. Where to Spot Whale Sharks in Oman The best places to spot Whale Sharks in Oman are the Daymaniyat Islands and the Al Fahal Island. Daymaniyat Islands, a 45 minute boat ride from Al-Mouj Marina, Muscat is one of the best spots in Oman for whale shark spotting. These islands were designated as an Omani nature reserve in the year 1993 as part of the conservation efforts of the country to protect the turtles, fish, and coral reefs here. Trips are controlled and limited by the Omani government to maintain the delicate equilibrium of marine life here. Tours are not allowed between May to October due to the same reasons. Located 4 km off Al Qurum beach in Muscat, Al Fahal Island also known as Shark Island is a fossilised limestone formation with three prominent points rising out above the water. Apart from all of Oman’s 39 coral species, it is also home to numerous schools of fish that are found in and around the corals and reefs and of course it is popular as a destination to spot whale sharks swimming. It’s an excellent place for snorkelling and diving. Some of the other marine life that can be spotted here includes barracudas, and a variety of rays like the giant eagle ray, and Mobula ray. When is the Best Time to Spot Whale Sharks in Oman The best time to visit the area to spot Whale Sharks in Oman is between September to November, when they along with their calves are spotted off the coast of Oman as they migrate Southwards to find warmer waters during this time of the year. If you have ever dreamed of seeing or swimming with whale sharks, head over to Oman to witness this beautiful sight.

Best Water Activities to Do in Oman

Ambika Verma| Mon, 25 Jul 2022

Spread across one of the longest coastlines in the Arabian peninsula at 2092 km The Sultanate of Oman is bordered by three bio geographically distinct water bodies: the Arabian or the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman also known as the Oman Sea, and the Arabian Sea. So it is no wonder that while exploring Oman, some time dedicated to the water activities is a must. Despite all the great land activities, it is a must to discover our Omani ocean's beauty. . Dolphin watching Discover a wonderful experience of getting close to dolphins and whales in the water when you visit Muscat in Oman. The Dolphin watching tour timing can vary but most tours tend to be about two hours. Dolphins are spotted in Muscat throughout the year and so too do the dolphin tours operate throughout the year. Visitors can take upon a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the ethereal feeling of watching these creatures dance along with the waves. Along with watching the dolphins, visitors also have a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of Muscat Coastline on these tours. There are many different types of dolphins and whales spotted in Oman. The most frequently sighted dolphin species around Muscat are spinner dolphins who are oftentimes joined by the long-nosed common dolphins,and can be spotted riding the waves in a mixed group. But on a less regular basis are Bryde’s Whales, Humpback Whales, Risso’s Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, False Killer Whale and the occasional Killer Whale group, among others. Spinner dolphins are also commonly spotted in Muscat which delight the viewer because of their spinning leaps. When dolphins are in a playful, social mood they can be extremely tactile with one another and be spotted playing games. This playful time is when they are most likely to interact with humans and will often seek out boats to surf along with. These playful creatures are incredibly intelligent and curious creatures and the dolphins occasionally come over to greet visitors. Snorkelling and Diving The Sultanate of Oman contains over 530 km2 of coral reefs spread across three bodies of water making it no surprise that its waters are a divers paradise. These coral reefs around Oman support over 100 species of coral and 579 species of reef fish, as well as one of the largest fisheries economies in the region. Diving and Snorkelling in Oman should be right there on top of your to-do list, especially Snorkelling or Diving at the Daymaniyat Islands, a Nature Reserve protected by the Omani government. The area has crystal clear waters with the warm water making for amazing visibility most of the time particularly during the winter months when the temperatures are cooler and less plankton are in the water. At times during the period of October to May the visibility can be up to 30 metres. The waters can range between twenty three degrees Celsius in winter and up to thirty two degrees in the summer. The marine life all around Oman but particularly at Daymaniyat Island, is full of life and colours. There are many hard and soft corals that will stun you and the area is populated with colourful, tropical fish, Nudibranchs, reef fish, different types of turtles, Sharks including Zebra and Black Reef Shark, a variety of rays like Stingrays or Cowtail ray and much more marine life to explore. The dive sites at Ad Daymaniyat Islands are ideal for both newly certified divers as well as advanced divers, with a host of dive sites to choose from, ranging in depth up to thirty metres. Snorkelling enthusiasts leisurely explore the stunning vistas of Oman underwater beauty while watching the marine life go about their usual Sunset dhow cruise. Discover the magic of ancient Arabia when you explore the shoreline on a traditional handcrafted wooden Dhow, a one- or two-masted Arab sailing vessel, usually with lateen rigging which can have slanting, triangular sails. Hop aboard these in the evening for a Sunset Dhow cruise, where you will enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the coast of Muscat. The tours can vary in timing but are generally around two hours and include many exciting sights and experiences. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of Oman seashore over the pristine waters of Oman’s capital area with spectacular views of some landmarks. The Dhows can pass by Al Bustan Palace Hotel, the Sixteenth-century Al Mirani Fort, Jalali and Al Alam Palace amongst other sights. The most exciting part of this

List of the Best Eid Getaways Within Oman

Ambika Verma| Thu, 05 Mar 2020

These Eid al Fitr holidays are an ideal time to take a break and get away from the city and enjoy spending time in the beautiful wilderness of Oman where generally the temperatures tend to be cooler. Even if the temperatures are not substantially cooler the change of scenery is a great way to kick back and relax. If you’ve explore Oman before you won’t be surprised to know how the varied terrain ensures that not all parts of the country experience the same kind of weather.

List of the Top Places to Visit Near Salalah

Ambika Verma| Sun, 01 Mar 2020

Salalah has much to see and explore around it. Here we bring you a list of the top excursions to plan for near Salalah.

Best Beaches to Visit in Oman

Ambika Verma| Thu, 13 Feb 2020

Lying along the tip of the Arabian Peninsula with a coastline of 3,165 km, Oman is home to many gorgeous beaches, of which most are situated in pristine, stunning and secluded areas that face the Arabian Sea with soaring sand dunes or rugged rocks, flourishing coral reefs and unique wildlife. Oman’s beaches and crystal-clear waters have long been a draw for tourists and residents alike who come to swim, snorkel, play water sports, go wildlife spotting or doze in the sun.



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