What is the Best Time to Visit Oman and Seasonal Events in Oman

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With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant festivities, Oman is a destination that beckons travellers year-round. Understanding the best times to visit this enchanting country and the array of events it hosts can elevate your experience, offering a glimpse into its multifaceted destination because beauty has an address- and that address is Oman.

Jump ahead to our Quick Season Calender of Oman for season by season overview list.

Oman experiences a climatic variety that shapes the ideal times for travel. The most pleasant weather prevails during the winter months, from October to April, when temperatures are milder, making outdoor exploration more comfortable. This period, particularly November to February, is often considered the prime time to visit Oman

Spring, from March to May, brings warmer temperatures, making coastal regions and higher altitudes particularly inviting. However, it's essential to note that summer, from June to September, can be scorching, with soaring temperatures that make outdoor activities challenging while the desert is a no-go for the season. 

Must-Attend Events for Travelers to Oman

Immersing oneself in Oman's vibrant cultural events can offer a deeper understanding of the country's traditions, celebrations, and customs. Here are some of the top events and festivals that travellers should consider attending:

Muscat Nights Festival (January-February): The Muscat Festival which was rebranded to Muscat Nights is an event is held annually in Muscat. This festival showcases Omani culture through traditional music, dances, art exhibitions, and culinary delights. It's a vibrant celebration that attracts locals and tourists alike.

Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha: These Islamic festivals mark the end of Ramadan and the annual pilgrimage (Hajj). They are celebrated nationwide with prayers, feasting, and family gatherings, offering a profound insight into Omani religious traditions.

Salalah Tourism Festival (July-August): Located in the southern region of Oman, Salalah hosts this festival, featuring cultural events, entertainment, and exhibitions. It coincides with the Khareef (monsoon) season when the area turns lush and green, making it a unique time to explore.

National Day Celebrations (November 18): Oman's National Day commemorates the country's independence. Festivities include parades, fireworks, and cultural performances, showcasing Omani pride and heritage.

Camel Racing Events: Throughout the year, various camel racing competitions take place, especially during cooler months. These events, often held in desert areas, showcase Omani traditions and the country's strong connection with these majestic animals.

Rose Harvest Season: The period from mid-March to mid-May is when the rose fields of Al Jabal Al Akhdhar come alive with a ocean of pink and red blooms of the Damask Rose. The harvest period attracts visitors from around the world to witness the beauty and fragrance of this enchanting flower. 

Witness the Whale sharks: The largest living fish species, the whale sharks can be spotted in Oman's waters during their migratory season, captivating all who are fortunate enough to encounter them. Quite unlike their name, these harmless giants are famous for their peaceful disposition. This allowis for an up-close encounter like diving with them during September to November, an encounter that leaves an indelible mark on visitors.

Bird and Animal Watching Season: The months of October and November are a great time to go bird watching in Oman as the wildlife can be spotted much easier after the monsoon as the tempratures fall.   

For travellers seeking a more immersive experience, planning a visit around these events can add depth and cultural richness to their journey. Attending festivals like the Muscat Festival or the Salalah Tourism Festival provides an authentic glimpse into Omani traditions, while national celebrations like National Day offer a chance to witness national pride firsthand.

A Quick Season Calender of Oman

October to November:
Weather: Pleasant temperatures, ideal for outdoor exploration.
Must Visit Places and Events: It is a good time to visit all of Oman but the desert is only bearable during this time and Muscat is always a must-visit.
Enjoy the celebrations of Oman's National Day on November 18, showcasing Omani pride and heritage or head to the coast to witness the whale shark migratory season.

December to February:
Weather: Mild temperatures, perfect for coastal, desert, and outdoor adventures.
Must Visit Places and Events: Explore Nizwa's historic fort and vibrant souks. Then, head to Jebel Akhdar to enjoy cooler temperatures and hike among terraced gardens and mountainous landscapes.
Consider visiting during the Muscat Nights Festival in January for a showcase of Omani culture.

March to May:
Weather: Warmer temperatures, particularly favourable for coastal regions and high-altitude areas.
Must Visit Places and Events: Embrace the lush beauty of Salalah while the weather is still warming. Visit Al Mughsail Beach, enjoy the waterfalls in Wadi Darbat, and explore the stunning greenery that blankets the area. Experience the beauty of spring in Oman; consider exploring during Eid Al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan. It is a great time to visit Jebel Akhdhar the green mountain as the temperature are much cooler on the hillside and you can witness the rose blooming season or the fruit harvests.

June to September:
Weather: Hot and scorching temperatures, especially during summer, make outdoor activities challenging.
Must Visit Places and Events: While summer months are less popular due to the extreme heat, consider exploring Salalah during the Khareef (monsoon) season for a unique experience and attend camel racing events if scheduled.
Given the scorching temperatures inland, head to coastal regions for water-based activities. Masirah Island offers pristine beaches, while Musandam's fjords are perfect for cruises and diving.


It's advisable to check event schedules, as dates may vary slightly each year. Tailoring your visit to these regions based on the climate and highlights of each location can enhance your experience and allow you to explore Oman’s diverse landscapes in a way that resonate most with your interests. Whether you seek the serenity of the winter months or the unique experiences during Omani seasonal events, planning your visit accordingly can ensure a memorable and enriching exploration of this captivating country.

Embrace the diversity of landscapes, delve into the tapestry of Omani culture, and witness the vibrant festivities that dot the calendar - each offering a unique window into the soul of Oman, inviting travellers to partake in its warmth and splendour. If you are searching for ideas on which areas of Oman to visit on your trip to Muscat or wish to ensure that you attend one of the many events happening every year, please reach out to our team at +968 24400844 or inbound@zaharatours.com to organise your tour.



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