The Sultanate of Oman is a great destination for families and friends alike and if culture and adventure are what you wish to experience on your next vacation, you should definitely plan a trip to Oman. Here's a great collection of blogs on what to do in Oman, as well as some ideas about how to make the most of your Oman visit. Find the Oman travel articles and blogs right here at the Zahara Tours Blog and make your vacation to Oman a memorable one armed with insider tips and travel ideas.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Muscat

Zahara Tours Team| Thu, 23 May 2019

If you only visit one destination in Oman, it is likely to be Muscat. The capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, is the epitome of all the country stands for – the city is home to forts, palaces, museums and markets, and has access to amazing natural wonders offering something for everyone.

Top Things to Do in Oman

Zahara Tours Team| Mon, 29 Apr 2019

Make the most of your trip to the Sultanate of Oman by trying out all the things we’ve listed below. Laze around on the beach, go dune bashing, visit ancient forts and camp out under the desert sky. Whatever your interest we’ve chosen a list to suit all kinds of different personalities so read on to find out what are the top activities to enjoy in Oman.

Top Hotels in Salalah

Zahara Tours Team| Wed, 17 Apr 2019

Considered the natural gem of the Gulf region and the Indian Ocean, Salalah is one of the most incredible cities in Oman. Salalah draws thousands of tourists who come to visit it every year, especially during the Khareef season when the entire area turns a lush green and season waterfall and rivulets pop up to transform the area completely. Here, we’ve collated a list of some of the top hotels in Salalah, so when you’re planning a trip to Salalah you can skip the long time spent researching and book one of these for an unforgettable holiday.

Top Adventure Activities To Try in Oman

Zahara Tours Team| Tue, 02 Apr 2019

Oman is a destination which is filled to the brim with lots of exciting adventure activities for adrenaline junkies to try. With vast deserts, unexplored cliffs, towering mountains, craggy wadi and deep blue lakes and seas, the country is a blessed with the boundless beauties of nature. Whatever flavour of adventure your desire, you’ll find it in the Sultanate of Oman. Here we present you a list of adventure activities to try on your next visit to Oman.

Best Desert Camps in Oman

Zahara Tours Team| Sat, 16 Mar 2019

The Wahiba Sands are undoubtedly one of the major attractions in Oman and rarely do tourists choose to skip the area if they are closeby. These days, there are a number of options for camping out in the desert in a tent or desert camp, ranging from basic to ultra luxurious. Think glamping if you are looking for a night of Arabian Night styled camping and entertainment in Oman.



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