Discover the Many Natural Wonders of Oman

By: Ambika Verma|Last Updated: Tue, 13 Dec 2022

Oman is a land of beautifully blended contrasts. Of worlds old and new, of deserts, islands, high mountains, lush green oases, and Wadis set against modern cityscape. Contained within its borders there are many marvels of creativity and natural ones are often easily overlooked.

This is a guide to some of our favourite Oman natural wonders, and where to find them.
The Omanis are filled with man-made amazing attractions but nothing beats these destinations with mesmerising pristine natural phenomena, greenery, and stunning desert dunes. Here are some amazing natural wonders in Oman:

The Towering Mountains

The mountain range spanning across the countryside is a distinct delight to visit offering cooler clime and a completely different atmosphere than the rest of Oman. Jebel Akhdhar
There are also some amazing hikes to be discovered on these trails for those that feel like braving the great outdoors.
View more details about the Jebel al Akhdhar excursion here.
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The Shimmering Desert Sands

Among Oman’s many deserts the must-visit is the Wahiba Sands or the Sharqiya Desert which is the textbook image of what we expect from deserts with giant sands dune that shift with every breeze and nothing but sand as far as the eye can see.
Stay at some of the amazing desert camps or enjoy luxury getaways in the middle of the desert. One can visit the bedouin tribes to learn more about their ways and adventure enthusiasts can try their hand at the vast range of adventure activities available at the desert ranging from desert drives to Fat Bike Rides, Sandboarding, and much more.
View more details about the Wahiba Wilderness excursion here.

The Stunning Beaches

With more than 3000km of coastline, it is no surprise that Oman is home to some truly spectacular beaches that are well worth a visit.
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The Delightful Wadis

Oman is blessed with a number of picturesque Wadis and visitors must visit at least a few on their tour of Oman.
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The Cavernous Caves

Oman is home to one of the few caves that have been developed for tourism and are open to the public - The Al Hoota Caves. These ancient caves are a delight to explore and have developed a completely different ecosystem underground where beings have adapted to survive in the darkness. A great example of this is the translucent blind fish that inhabit the caves that visitor can spot during their tour of the Al Hoota Caves.
View more details about the Al Hoota Cave excursion here.

The Stunning Seascapes

Given that Oman is bounded by The Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea on two sides it is no wonder that there is more than just land to explore. Visiting the stunning Dimaniyat Islands to explore the underwater sealife, heading out for Dhow tours, or going dolphin and whale spotting are among the many options to enjoy the seascape of Oman.
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Bonus: The Oft Seasonal Waterfalls

If you are visiting during the monsoon season then the Salalah region is a must to explore with its verdant greenery and bountiful waterfalls that crop up all across the land.
View more details about the Salalah excursions here.

So which of these amazing natural wonders of Oman are you planning to add to your Tour of Oman?
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