Places to Visit During National Day in Oman

By: Zahara Tours Team|Last Updated: Thu, 13 Oct 2022

Great news for those living in Oman—it seems like a long weekend is upon us as we’re inching closer to this year’s National Day. That means some days off and more time to spend with the whole family!
When is the Oman National Day holiday this year?
While the official date of National Day 2022 is 18th November which falls on a Friday the public holiday date has been announced as 30th November and 1st December 2022 the next Wednesday and Thursday.

Wondering what to do during this long weekend? Round up the whole family and celebrate National Day with a fun vacation within Oman. Here are some options where you can plan your National Day vacation at:

Wahiba Sands

Discover the epitome of the desert within these shifting dunes and the shimmering golden hues at the Sharqiya Sands, also known as the Wahiba Sands. This desert stretch is where the Bedu people live and tourists can get a taste of the ancient nomadic culture of Oman. As the sun sets, the sand dunes turn from rich yellow to a coppery orange shade, displaying the best of nature. You can experience the thrill of varying sand sports, try dune bashing, go camping overnight, desert trekking and lots of other activities here.


Also referred to as "The Pearl of Islam," Nizwa is a storied historic city that is the capital of the Dakhiliyah Governorate of Northern Oman. Around the sixth and seventh centuries, Nizwa was the capital of Oman. Among the most popular sights here you will find attractions like the Nizwa fort, constructed in the 9th century to protect the surrounding area from bandit raids, and then underwent major renovations in the 17th century. The large cylindrical main tower of the fort at one point featured an impressive set of cannons, many of which have now been removed, with only a few left on display for tourists. Visitors can head to the fort’s arsenal area, where its weapons were stored earlier, as well as its barracks, where its garrison lived. Other sights to see include the Jebel Akhdar Mountain, from where you can watch the entire city spanning ancient ruins, majestic monuments, banana plantations, date palms, and more. The green fields here receive their precious waters from the ancient but still-functioning falaj systems, designated a UNESCO world heritage; these vast canal networks carry and then recycle underground water to fields ensuring the survival of agriculture here and even its success in this desert climate.
Nizwa is home to a massive sprawling souq that sells everything from a variety of traditional wares, like silver souvenirs, and handcrafted earthenware, to spice stalls and even shops that offer versions of traditional Omani sabres and muskets. Education, trade, culture, and art have flourished in Nizwa historically and the city has a vintage, artistic charm to it making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Oman.


Many of us would have heard of Musandam, Oman’s northern governorate, but only a few may have had the opportunity to visit. There is good reason that you should visit this area. What makes it different from the rest of the country is the craggy mountain peaks that surround you on three sides, making the landscapes of Musandam a harsh beauty, surrounded by serenity. The area's capital, Khasab, located some five hundred kilometres from Muscat, makes for an unforgettable road trip. It is a great diving and snorkelling experience especially for children, as the water teems with marine life, with many operators having set up dhow cruises for those who want to enjoy seeing the region at a more leisurely pace.

Jabal Akhdar and Jabal Shams

People often believe that Oman is primarily desert with large desolate areas. And while parts of the country are extremely hot and arid, the Sultanate is an amalgamation of coastal plains, mountains, Wadis, lush vegetation, and more. The mountains of Jabal Akhdar referred to as the Green Mountain and Jabal Shams referred to as the mountain of the sun are both truly spectacular sights well worth a visit not just at this time of the year, but through the entire summertime. While there are many good reasons to visit the one that tops the list is the weather as on average the temperature here is about 15 degrees cooler atop these mountains when compared to the sea level. Visitors can come to watch a glorious sunrise bathe the mountains and canyons of the Hajar Mountains, explore the falaj system, and even stay here by choosing from one of the many resorts or even by setting up their own camp outdoors.


Southern Oman is a land with much to offer. The Dhofar region is both its agricultural heartland and home to the most historic areas of Oman’s past which make it what it is today. The world-famous frankincense tree, the Boswellia sacra, thrives in the Dhofar region and produces the precious resin, worth more than its weight in gold. This was shipped across the ancient world to market in kingdoms as far away as Rome and Egypt, from the historic region of Sumharam. Now it is famous as one of Oman’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The area known as the ‘Land of Frankincense’ has four major areas — Khor Rori, Wadi Dawka, Wubar and Al Baleed. Oman’s history and culture have been defined and influenced the trade and production of Frankincense over the course of centuries. Regular flights are available from Muscat to Salalah, although the more adventurous may attempt the 1,021 kilometre journey by road. Either way, a few nuggets of frankincense resin plucked directly from the trees are sure to impress the rest of the school.

Al Hamra

One of the best-preserved old towns in Oman, with traditional mudbrick houses, winding streets, and a historic atmosphere lost to much of Oman. One of the major sights in the town is the living history museum of Bait al Safah, a beautifully restored traditional household set up with old artefacts and traditional furnishings to demonstrate how the people would have lived in ancient times. Other sights to visit nearby are the Al Hoota caves, a caves system spread across many kilometres, dating back almost 2 million years and famous as one of the only show cave in the Arabian Peninsula. One can also visit Misfat al Abryeen a pretty village in the mountains and some Wadis nearby.


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