1001 Nights Package

DAY - 1
Chauffeur drive basis only. 

At 0800 hrs we depart by 4WD vehicles to Wahiba Sands via the scenic and rugged coastal route. This tour offers breathtaking glimpses of the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman offset by pristine white beaches. 

We drive past the fishing village of Quriyat . There is a good chance of spotting Flamingos and Eagles at an inland stream. Visit the picturesque Wadi Arabayeen with its deep pools of water set among the date palms. We then proceed to the Bimah sinkhole, a spectacular limestone crater with blue green water at the bottom. On clear sunny days while driving along the coast one might chance to see sharks in the deep blue waters or fleet footed Gazelles sprint across the landscape. 

The Mausoleum of Bibi Miriam at Qalhat stands as testimony of a bygone era. As we continue from here the road winds through mountain terrain offering breathtaking glimpses of the ocean. 

After a Set Menu Lunch at Sur Beach Hotel, we continue our drive on to the Wahiba Sands, a vast mass of undulating red and white sea of sand and dunes rising upto 200 meters, which are, also host to a variety of flora and fauna. The ever-changing patterns of the dunes are a photographers delight. Experience a roller coaster like feeling over the dunes. 

Dinner and overnight in tents at the 1000 nts camp. 

DAY - 2
Enjoy Breakfast at the 1000 nts camp. Wahiba Sands is also home to the traditional Bedouin tribe who are known for their hospitality and their knowledge of the Sands. We will visit a Bedouin family in their traditional and simple habitat. In stark contrast to this is Wadi Bani Khalid. It comprises of small pretty villages embedded in the mountains. The Wadi has clear deep blue water. It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Set Menu Lunch will be served at Al Sharqiyah sands hotel before returning to Muscat. 

A traditional Majlis, which contains Bedouin handicrafts, which shows the true spirit of life in desert. A traditional Arabian dining area covered with carpets. 

Package includes

  • Two days 4WD with English speaking chauffeur.
  • Set menu lunch at Sur Beach Hotel (Day 1).
  • BBQ dinner and Breakfast at Wahiba Sands
  • Accommodation at the 1000 nts camp or Desert Night Resort.
  • Set menu lunch at Al Sharqiyah sands hotel (Day 2)

Please be advised that it is not permitted to serve or consume alcoholic beverages 

1000 Nts Camp description

  • Residential area: The tents are made of black Bedouin wool. The accommodation tent size is 3X4 meters. The beds have mattresses covered with sheets and pillows.
  • The Toilets: The style of the bath rooms will be similar to the decoration of the rest of the camp. The toilet rooms and the bathrooms will be roofless to the desert sky and provided with soaps and clean towels for each client. Each tent has their private toilet located just outside the tent.
  • Lighting: The camp is lit by kerosene lanterns providing a very interesting ambience.

Desert Night Resort description

  • Desert Nights Camp comprises several Bedouin-style tents,
  • Fully air-conditioned, with bedrooms, attached bath and a cozy sit-out.
  • All the tents open out to panoramic vistas across the golden sands
  • Includes camel rides within the camp