Majestic Mountains

Duration 9 hours – Distance 400 Kms – with 4WD

Nearing Bait Na'aman, the 300-year-old fort, you will be struck by it's beauty.

Now a fully restored and refurnished country house, this fort will show you how the imam and his family traditionally lived in the shadow of Oman's majestic mountains.

The castle has reinstated all of its time-honored artifacts so typical of oman namely; khanjars, artillery, jewellery, and traditional chinaware. Proceeding to Al Awabi we take a turn off to Wadi Bani Auf.

This picturesque drive takes you back thousand of years clearly shown in the stunning sedimentary mountains.for those with an adventurous spirit there is a wonderful canyon to explore on foot.

The route through the mountains is dramatic while in contrast Bilad Sayt is one of Oman's most quaint villages with an antique old world appeal. Exploring this tranquil village on foot uncovers its patchwork of terrace farming and traditional houses laid out against the rocky slopes.

Here a picnic can be enjoyed in perfect surroundings. After this we proceed to snake gorge where you can experience a short walk (weather permitting) along this canyon floor renowned for it's natural beauty. A short distance brings us to wadi sahtan where you will meet the traditional omani beekeepers of the area.

Finally you will get to examine the beautifully curved door at the al hazm fort before returning to Muscat. 

(Picnic lunch included. It is advisable to wear light clothing and walking shoes) 

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